Up In Smoke – The Film

One of the best ways to gain a real insight into the heart and history of the Inga Foundation is by watching Up In Smoke, a feature-length documentary by Adam Wakeling.

The film spans a three year time period in the early life of the Inga Foundation. It follows Mike Hands, our founder, as he works to connect with and convince local farmers to make the leap from slash and burn to Inga alley cropping. It is an honest account of his struggle to bring the issue of slash and burn farming to the forefront of ecological thinking.

The Foundation has come a long way since the film was completed. We have had some important successes and now have more projects than ever. We have continued to secure funding for the foundation and are ever inspired by the farmers that are practicing alley cropping for the first time and by those that have already adopted it.

But this is just the start, we still have a long way to go. Alley cropping has the potential to transform the lives of slash-and-burn farmers across the tropics. We are working hard to realize that possibility and are making significant progress, however we still face some key obstacles, especially in terms of funding.