The Inga Foundation is currently working on a number of projects in Honduras and elsewhere in the world.

Cuero Valley Extension Project

This is our largest project and the main focus of our work at present. It is a 10 year program which is aiming to work with the 200 families of the Cuero Valley in Honduras to enable them to switch from slash and burn subsistence to sustainable agriculture.

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CURLA Demo Center

CURLA in La Cieba, Honduras, serves as our demonstration center and has several ha of Inga alley cropping demonstration and research plots as well as a seed bank and a demonstration biological corridor now 12 years old. It is ideally placed to serve as a demonstration center being much more easily accessible than the Cuero Valley.

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Collaborator Projects

Over the years the Inga Foundation has developed fruitful collaborations with over 25 institutions and communities; both large and small; and worked with partners from six countries.  Today’s we are working with a range of different organisations on a variety of projects around the world.

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