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IMPORTANT: Please note that this is the UK website for UK donations. If you are in the US we have a specific US based website where donations in Dollars can be made and where US residents can claim a Tax Credit. Please visit:

£15 can help provide labour to maintain our new Inga Seed Bank

The Seed Bank is vital, as it will ensure that as the number of farmers wanting to make a change increases, we will be able to provide the seed needed to make it happen. 

£30 could plant up to 50m of Inga alleys in Honduras.

More areas of Inga trees mean more degraded farmland can be restored, providing families with food and income and meaning they don’t have to clear rainforest just to keep the children fed. 

£50 can pay for the materials needed to set up an Inga Tree Nursery.

With one of these tree nursuries, family can raise all the Inga seedlings needed to plant Inga alleys that can give them food security and a sustainable source of firewood year round.

£85 could pay for a months salary

£85 can pay the salary for a part time extension worker providing essential support for farmers taking up Inga Alley Cropping in remote communities where slash and burn is doing the most damage.



£170 can buy 5000 inga seeds.

With this a family can plant a 1 hectares worth of Inga alleys – enough to provide them with a secure and sustainable livelihood – and free them from having to send the rainforest up in smoke just to survive.

Inga alley cropping has the potential to trigger a revolution in what slash and burn families the world over do to survive – that urgently needed change from destructive slash and burn to constructive, empowering sustainable agriculture – but without your support we can’t make it happen.